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Bigfoot® Video List
BIGFOOT ® is a Registered Trade Mark of Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. St. Louis, Missouri USA
Monster Highway's video lists are for informational purposes only.
Monster Highway does not market or sell any Videos.

Bigfoot®, King of the Monster Trucks

Bigfoot® Strikes Again

Bigfoot® in Action

Bigfoot® vs. Snake Bite 1 and 2

® and The Muscle Machines

The Living Legend Bigfoot
® 4x4x4
The best place to find specific videos are the original publishers and links to these
publishers are provided where possible. You might also find Monster Truck Videos on
Ebay and may try posting a want ad for specific videos on the MT Trading Center.

Bigfoot® 94-95 Racing
Bigfoot® to the Limit
Bigfoot® Thunder on Wheels

Battle of the Monster Trucks
Starring Bigfoot®
Bigfoot® 25th Anniversary
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Battle of the Bigfoots

You can purchase many of the above
Bigfoot® Videos At the Bigfoot® Website!

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