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Truck is square body chevy, powerglide, with 9in rear, dana front, roll cage, fiberglass hood, mallory ign, electric shifter, lexan windows,8 tires 4 on wide 5, 2 38tsls 2 38.5 skinny boggers for front 12.5 i think, 2 39.5 jimmy dean cuts in poor shape and 2 39.5x18 uncut boggers in great shape,all on rims,everything but engine 7k! Also have a 481ci bbc 1050 prosystems dominator, 345 dart heads, eagle rods, je pistons,engine is complete carb to pan balancer to flexplate, recently freshened new tuneup, valve adj, oil, etc. $6500 Engine is not in truck but if sold together price can be negotiated. Please no calls after 10 thanks. 843-907-0328

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