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like the title says i have an 1979 dodge truck on 14.9 bkt r1's. it has a small block 360 with lunati cam and demon 650 carb. the engine has ran flawless for 4 yaers, i can drive it for days with out any worries of overheating or anything else . the trans is a 727 with manual valve body and a 1500 stall converter. the truck has two transfer cases the front is a 208 and the rear is a np200. it has pinion brake and hydrualic steering. the radiator and battery have been relocated to the bed with the fuel cell. it has full roll cage and two racing seats with 5 point harnesses. the rear suspension is four linked with two king coilovers. the front is still leaf sprung. it has custom made wheeles and the tires have never been on the road and are still new looking even though they are four years old. I do not have to sell this truck it still runs and i still have fun driving it just wanting to build something else.

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